When I was in college, I stumbled on a spoof of the “Twilight” movie trailer by a group of film students out in Chicago. The video was smart, funny, and far more entertaining than the drivel I’m ashamed to say I’d shelled out seven dollars to see. I went to the YouTube channel, Evil Iguana […]

I’m on vacation and mulling over recent events, so here are some thoughts from the past week: On the President’s Executive Action: For those of you still wondering, yes, it is perfectly legal and within his purview- the Republicans have other reasons they may oppose it, but that argument has no traction other than it’s […]

Do you know what the most infuriating aspect of the whole Ray Rice situation is? Surprisingly, it’s not the part where he beat the shit out of his then-fiancee, nor how the NFL handled the case initially, or even the part where it took until now for the NFL to even establish a policy for […]

When I was in college, I was entranced by a play called, “The Shape of Things.” My school’s production featured a minimalist scene, and a single phrase written on the wall: “Moralists have no place in an art gallery.” — Han Suyin For those of you unfamiliar with Neil LaBute’s play, a quick overview: main […]

Today marks the one-year anniversary since the shootings at Sandy Hook, which left twenty-six people- twenty children and six teachers- dead in the second-deadliest mass shooting in American history. In that year, twenty-three mass shootings (defined by The Guardian as four or more people killed in a single incident) have occurred in the United States, […]

“To be free is not merely to cast off one’s chains, but to live in a way that respects and enhances the freedom of others.” When I first learned of Nelson Mandela’s passing, it was in the context of my paper needing to add four more pages to the late edition in order to accommodate […]

As the US struggles to settle its domestic policies in the wake of September’s shutdown and the less-than-stellar launch of Healthcare.gov, its foreign policies are starting to take on a greater prominence. While the Middle East has proven far more difficult than hoped amidst continued fighting in Syria (and no clear indicator who should be […]